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Delays will inevitably occur on most construction projects, therefore Aecoplan offers a wide range of high quality forensic planning and delay analysis services on baseline, live or completed programmes aimed at identifying and eliminating issues.

We have developed a strong reputation in this sector and are renowned for our in depth knowledge and skills.  Indeed, these skills are at the centre of our service offering and underpin everything we do.

What Can We Offer You?

  • Independent reviews and audit trails to ensure that the baseline/last accepted programme can be delivered and to enable the creation of reports on logic and relationships, constraints, critical paths, floats, delays and so on.
  • Extensive familiarity with all aspects of claim preparation, particularly case building and drafting of claims and negotiation strategy.
  • Preparation of defences to counterclaims as well as expert advice regarding retrospective analysis for EoTs, prolongation costs, disruption, programme critiques and delay analysis critiques.
  • Demonstration of entitlement to EoTs, prolongation costs, disruptions, programme critiques and delay analysis critiques.
  • Provision of proof of entitlement to EoTs occurring from delays, disruption and/or loss of efficiency.
  • Analysis of baseline vs. actual production output rate, as well as work cycle analysis to demonstrate EoT entitlement.
  • Extensive knowledge of major scheduling issues, including float, concurrent delay, offsetting delay, acceleration, mitigation and cumulative effect of delays to the contract schedule.
  • Preparation of chronological event delay analysis and its related narrative.
  • Creation of what-if programme simulations and as-built programmes to test specific delay scenarios.
  • Extensive forensic planning services, from a programme audit to a full in depth forensic analysis of schedules to offer assurance and visibility.
  • Calculation of cause and effect analyses of the work directly affected by the delays and/or disruptions, as well as other work indirectly affected.
  • Fact-finding exercises for in depth analysis and of the work both directly and indirectly affected by delays and disruptions.

How Can We Make a Difference?

  • By offering our Forensic Planning and Delay Analysis service as a core offering which reflects our key strength.
  • By our in depth industry sector knowledge and experience, guaranteeing project outcome certainty.  Aecoplan offers a comprehensive range of services within Forensic Planning, facilitating a high quality multi-disciplinary approach.
  • By providing our services to support your project’s entire lifecycle, we are an authentic one-stop solution to manage the delays which typically affect the engineering and construction industry.
  • Through our skills in the use and implementation of Primavera 6, and using its composite internal programmes, we can establish the likelihood of a project’s successfully delivery, as well as comparing changes as the project progresses.





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