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Large-scale construction and civil engineering projects follow tight schedules and are often complex.  Delays can be costly, with project over runs subject to contractual claims and disputes.

Due to our deep understanding of how problems can occur within the supply chain, Aecoplan is expertly placed to help your organisation develop a robust dispute resolution strategy.

What Can We Offer You?

  • Provision of comprehensive, concurrent, forward-looking CPM schedule analyses to ensure an early resolution of time extensions.
  • Expert forensic delay analysis for the provision and/or defence of construction delay claims.
  • In depth review of unanticipated circumstances that hinder or disrupt planned project completion.
  • Examination of actual project performance to assess its deviation path from the original planned method, manner, sequence and duration.
  • Specialist, practical knowledge of Construction Claims and Delay analysis regarding the CPM schedule.
  • Extensive, hands-on experience in contract claims.
  • Preparation and analyses of claims and matters concerning CPM scheduling, programme delay/disruption and acceleration.
  • Review of contracts to uncover the source of an agreement/disagreement to identify the legitimacy of a delay and its related potential compensation claim.

How Can We Make a Difference?

  • By using our proven methods of delay analysis to strengthen your case.
  • By tailoring our solutions entirely to suit the needs of your project and by delivering high quality, flexible, practical solutions that drive the results you need in time-critical situations.
  • Through our extensive experience of dealing with complex cases across all major sectors. We will be able to handle even the most complicated EPC projects on a global scale.
  • Through presenting in a clear, productive manner our evidence-based analysis to support a claims entitlement, if appropriate.
  • By understanding our market: we can work with a wide variety of job functions and disciplines, including contractors, designers, lawyers and consultants, as well as banks, lenders and operators.

Our focus is in the following areas:

Windows Schedule Delay Analysis

Aecoplan is highly proficient in the use and application of Windows Schedule Delay Analysis, which  enables us to analyse, measure and assess the impact of delays and disruption against a project’s defined critical path.

Aecoplan is firmly established in the marketplace as to go-to resource, due to our in depth understanding of risk and how best to manage it.

You can rely on our powerful, effective combination of technical and relationship-building skills, essential to a successful delivery outcome

As Planned vs. As Built

This highly effective delay analysis is implemented retrospectively, being typically used when reliable baseline and as-built schedule data exists.  Applying this methodology can vary in its complexity notwithstanding the high level of skill required for effective results.

We compare the “As-planned” (baseline) construction schedule against the “As-built” schedule to uncover the primary causes of the variance.

Our analysis of the details enables us to respond rapidly, applying best practice and programme methodologies to deliver a clear, practical assessment.

Collapsed As Built

Again applied retrospectively, Aecoplan’s skills in this analysis technique, as well as our real-world experience in delays and claims, offer your organisation the results you need.   You will be able quickly and accurately to see the effect of a delay and how it has impacted a project.

We implement a retrospective delay analysis of the as-built schedule by omitting the time-related duration of the excusable delays and disruption, to establish when the project would have been completed.

This professional analysis demonstrates the effect of the completion dates of the project and can cover its entire lifecycle.

Impacted as Planned

This process focuses on future possibilities likelihoods and can therefore be a powerful way to avoid issues, delays and challenges.  Aecoplan’s extensive experience in handling construction delay claims enables us to use our professional judgement and evaluation skills in this particular analysis method.

Aecoplan identifies excusable delay events or changes to the baseline programme to show the hypothetical impact of delays or changes on its completion date in order to establish requests for time extensions.

Our approach, developed through practical delivery on major projects, adds maximum value to your projects through using our skills in precision, structure and in depth logical capabilities.

Time Impact Analysis

Using our in depth knowledge of construction and our technical skills, Aecoplan can measure the time impact caused by a single event or by a series of events.  This data can be invaluable not only as a powerful projection method but also to promote negotiation and later agreements on delay claims.

We input data into existing schedules, analysing all related information to quantify the effects of an unplanned event to evaluate a project’s likely outcome.

Our assessments are robust, transparent and based on real-life experience, enabling you to make well informed, wholly appropriate decisions about a construction claim.


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