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The mining and metals sector plays a key role in meeting the world’s need for commodities.  And, given the robust supply of metals within the Earth, it is likely to continue to do so.  It is a truly global industry, frequently operating in challenging environments, with locations often in remote regions, raising investment and production costs.

Aecoplan understands the challenges that your organisation faces in this this sector.  We know that there are great opportunities for development that need to be tempered with testing new circumstances.

Are These YOUR Issues?

  • The need to innovate, to explore new technologies and to find new, workable mining regions, often in developing countries, whilst managing costs, production issues and distribution.
  • As the mining sector continues to evolve, there has been an increase in the amount of stakeholders, whose varied issues may challenge both productivity and sector profit margins.  Public awareness of the environmental and social impact of projects can lead to delays or even shelving.  Safety concerns, as well as the longer term impact of mining projects will never be far from the minds of most industry leaders.
  • The failure to manage mining projects effectively will invariably damage corporate reputations, impacting future investments.  Poor scheduling can result in expensive failure.

How Can Aecoplan Solve These Dilemmas?

  • Our expertise and knowledge in this sector will help you to deliver your company’s construction and civil engineering projects in mining and metals extraction to a high standard, maximising all objectives and meeting deadlines with ease.
  • We have the practical, hands-on type of ability that we believe you need: no paper-based, theoretical applications here, just pragmatic and flexible skills that will make a difference.
  • Your project can be supported throughout its entire lifecycle: from that all-important tendering and bid process, through to our core skills in programme and project management and planning, as well as construction delivery and hand over.

Through our NEC Contract Planning expertise, we can help you facilitate a wide variety of programmes and projects, regardless of size, location or commodity.

Aecoplan aims to be your working partner of choice in this truly international sector.  We know that these vital projects can be complex, invariably substantial and with unyielding budgets and time frame delivery objectives.


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