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Sustainable, efficient and cost effective energy and power is vital to our economy and for daily living.  The energy sector is undergoing significant change, not least a drop in oil prices, increased competition and the ever growing demand for reduced carbon emissions due to worldwide, high profile climate change concerns.

For business owners, governments, developers and operators alike, facing up to these constraints in a world with escalating energy needs is one of the biggest challenges of our modern age. Projects in this sector can be highly technically demanding.

How Can Aecoplan Add Value?

We’re different.  Our approach, we think, is ground-braking.  Our integrated services support your project’s entire lifecycle.

How do we do this? We can support you from the earliest stages: from helping to create impactful tender and proposal documents that win the business.  We also offer robust planning and scheduling processes, front end engineering design (FEED), as well implementation strategy development through to construction delivery and beyond.

We take a multi-disciplinary, combined approach that enables us to deliver a broad range of services covering all aspects of power generation, including nuclear power plants, coal and gas fired power stations, as well as renewables and energy-from-waste, and transmission and distribution aspects.

We can help you to deliver projects across a wide variety of disciplines, including:

  • Nuclear
  • Renewable
  • Thermal
  • Transmission & Distribution

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