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Aecoplan aspires to challenge head-on your pre-conceptions about consultancy services in civil engineering and construction.  Our aim is simple: to deliver the best quality technical consulting, project delivery and operational solutions in the marketplace to meet the ever changing needs of your organisation.

Your conviction, faith and complete trust in us at every stage of every project is vital. For you to depend on us to take full responsibility and accountability, you’ll need to know that we will never let you down.  Our focus is to meet and exceed your expectations.

Aecoplan’s values reflect the very essence of who we are, what we do and how we deliver: integrity, respect and trust.


We keep our promises.

Honesty and integrity underpins everything we do.  We will adhere to these core values right from the start, throughout our working partnership and beyond.  We’ll manage your expectations clearly, establishing your project objectives, honouring our commitments and taking ownership to deliver tangible, measurable results.  Your results.


We care deeply about how our work affects those around us and the local environment.   We always work collaboratively, engaging your key resources to secure positive partnerships.

Therefore, whilst managing your project, we’ll create clear communication methods and procedures, co-operating at all levels and functions with respect, understanding and professionalism.  With several years’ practical on and off-site project management experience, we’ve “been there” and we have a robust reputation as a team player.


Trust and reputation are everything.

Aecoplan’s work ethic, commitment and drive are part of our fundamental core values.  They re-inforce everything that we stand for.  Our working knowledge of construction techniques, methodologies and project processes means that from the start you’ll have total trust in us to effect the outcomes that you need.


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Mission, Vision and Values

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